En Studio

the result of almost 60 hours of studio time 

Turtle Rock
20" x 24"
oil on canvas

begins here

Turtle Rock
not done yet - not even close, but it is closer

Turtle Rock...  almost there

the beginning of a tryptic

the entire tryptic in progress
each canvas is 11" wide  x  14" high
Working on this piece, I have become fascinated with the abstract nature of reality.  Do you know how when you are spelling a word that you have known, spelled, and used since childhood and, suddenly, it appears strange and you think you couldn’t possibly be spelling it right?  This painting is giving me the same sensation.  The abstract shapes and colors look strange and beautiful to me and I question whether these rocks under this Water actually look like this.

 I enjoy some abstract work for the interplay of color.  But this interplay exists in the natural world.  If only we noticed.  A sunset.  The Aurora Borealis.  The slivers of light in clear Water.  That is what this painting has become for me.  Up close, a study of a myriad of color playing - no! dancing.  Step back, and it is as familiar as your own hand if you have been to visit the Sleeping Dogs. 


On the Edge