Greeting Cards

any 5 GREETING CARDS for $25 
5" x 7" greeting cards with deckle envelope (blank inside).
Cards are $5.95 each or any 5 for $25.
5" x 7" greeting cards (deckle edge) with deckle envelope (blank inside)
000C Flower Spirits I
000D Water Spirits II
000E Rock Spirits I
000F Water Spirits I
000G Water Spirits III
000H On the Edge
000I Turtle Rock
000K Eagle's Nest
00BB October at Town Park
0031 Spring Melt on Mondamin
0033 Monet's Olaf
0049 Across from Russell Bay II
0051 The Beginning
0068 Joni's Magenta Crabapple June
00J2 Pointe Detour

These next greeting cards are from a series of unaltered
photographs of shadows on the bedrock under Lake Superior
through 3 feet of the world's most pristine water.
SH01 Pray
SH02 Dance
SH03 Kick up your heels
SH04 Celebrate
SH08 Nurture
SH10 Soar